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The HMC Maintenance Program

Your Homes' Health Check for £120 pa

Our unique maintenance program is built on getting to know you and your home through annual checks, minor works, planned maintenance and suggested upgrades so your home is ready for the next season.

Making sure everything is working correctly and addressing those niggles before they turn into major problems. Regular maintenance is essential for all the working parts of the home and our service keeps things working. Our twice yearly home checks will:-

- improve efficiency which in turn will reduce monthly bills

- identify faults earlier which will help reduce overall damage to system. This will prevent larger repair bills

- highlight areas that will need addressing

- mean that safety checks can be done to keep family and home safe year round

- enable us to understand and get to know your system which will make emergency repairs and future improvement advice more effective

- prolong the life of your system and maximise your initial investment

How can we help?

Our maintenance program is unique in that we check all the functions of your home in a detailed check list, address issues there and then through reporting or fixing.


Take advantage of our unique seasonal maintenance check up - Testing and checking the functionality of your home with a Spring & Autumn appointment for a fixed annual fee of £120 - payable monthly in instalments.


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