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Working safely during Coronavirus

We are following Government guidance regarding working practices in and outside of homes and buildings. It is anticipated that projects may take a little longer as we practice these measures, but most importantly is the safety of everyone involved. We will take all necessary steps as detailed below and will undertake risk assessments for each job.

We are also experiencing a delay with some suppliers as previously expected stock items are not as readily available as before due to a delay in manufacturing and supply chains. There is also a delay in collecting goods from suppliers as they now adopt protective measures at counters and warehouses, again adding to the delay. It is understood that this is only temporary as businesses get back to normal. 

Guidance covering working practices at Homes, Outdoors, Work Vehicles & Safety:-

As a business we generally work closely in and around people and their homes, therefore we must be extra careful. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.


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